The Rhonda Allison Post Peel System – Injectables is an extremely beneficial kit that helps speed up recovery and healing after cosmetic surgeries and injectable procedures. The system helps prevent bruising and reduces irritation or inflamed skin. The system includes a spritz, two serums, and a daily sun protection for the skin. All of the products included in this system are made with all natural ingredients. Each of the products include benefits that will heal, restore, nourish, and protect skin that has gone through different procedures. Accelerating cell renewal is crucial for skin after these types of procedures, and Rhonda Allison has you covered with this system.

Skin Types:

This home skincare system was specially put together for skin that has went through injectable procedures or cosmetic surgeries.

This System Includes

  • Cucumber Spritz - 1oz.
  • Arnica Therapy - .25oz.
  • Growth Factor Serum - 1oz.
  • Calming Skin Gel .25oz.


Rhonda Allison Post Peel and Injectables System


Especially beneficial after cosmetic surgeries and injectable procedures, Rhonda Allison's Post Peel System – Injectables helps prevent bruising and speed healing. Calming irritated, inflamed skins and accelerating cell renewal, this system is a must have after any injectable procedure.

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